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Our Fans On FaceBook Are The Best!

Thank You For Your Comments


Traelynn says: "Yummy (our Daily Special) . . . there is sure a market for that down here in Ojai . . . thinking about expanding? I will run the shop for you! Love! :)"


Lyndsey says: " Super nummilicious!!"


Stephanie says: "YAY for menu updates thanks to Shine on FaceBook!"


Amber says: "Man do I miss this place! You know exactly where I'm going when I get a chance to go to California!"


Gale says: "I love Sunshine Health Foods and I especially love the owners!"


Amy says: 'I LOVE Y'ALL111 Really don't know what I'd do without you."


Carlo says: "Fire. Foods Bomb"


Brandie says: “Shine Cafe is the BEST EVER!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!”


Nayan says: “BOMB.”


Zander says: “I LOVE your healthy grub!”


Rona says: “I'm a fan thanks to Lindsey!”


Drew says: “i'm the best fan i think”


Jennifer says: “oh how i miss my days at shine....the people, the food.....millet bread....and that beautiful energy....you guys rock!”


John says: “nice work shiners. maybe you could scan the pics of the employees and post those. I'll probably visit in february.”


David says: “The Shine Cafe is the best food in the Tri-County!! Try the Spring Roll it is truly amazing!!! Love you guys. The Original Sprout Family, Inga, Maya & David :-)”


Erin says: “I have great memories of going to Sunshine Health foods after leaving Morro Elementary as a kid. Been coming back lately. The store is great and the cafe has really good food! I especailly love Live Food Sundays :-) Yeah!”


Candy says: “Yahoo! So happy to see you here.....I am telling all my friends.......both of them..”


Diana says: “Look forward to stopping by.”